Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Set Up A Google+ Page For Your Blog Or Website

making google plus page
As you all know how good a facebook fan page ortwitter follow button prove to your blog in driving more traffic, same way google+ page can help you to achieve greater traffic. If you don't know google also offers its service to create Google plus fan page same as facebook for your blog or brand. The great thing that makes google plus better then other social media site is that it helps you to get better ranking in google search results. for example: More +1 you get better is your blog search results on google. So lets create one for your blog or website.

How To Make Google+ Fan Page

1. First Sign In to your gmail account and got to this Page.
2. Then click on Product or Brand from the options and select website and click on next as shown below.

making google plus page

3. Enter name of Your blog and url of your blog as shown below and click on continue.

making google plus page

4. Now Enter Description of your blog, upload a image for your page and a email address if you like and click on Finish.

making google plus page

5. Done, In my next post i will teach you to add google+ badge to your blog.

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