Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Top 5 Awesome Facebook Tricks And Tips

facebook tricks and tips
A lot of people use Facebook every day. We communicate, share, add photos and update the status. But still, there are a lot of things in Facebook that still remain unknown for many users. You won’t find these things in official pages or the Facebook guides. But these tricks can make a lot of interesting things with your Facebook page. If you’re interested, it’s high time to get started!

Hiding Your Last Name

When you registrate for Facebook, you are required to fill in your full name. Using this this trick, you’ll be able to hide the last one. 
  • Open Mozilla firefox browser, the others, won’t do,
  • Click Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Connection Settings -> Manual Proxy Configuration
  • Enter, port 8080 in the HTTP Proxy Field
  • Go to your profile Account settings -> Change Language to Bahasa Indonesia simply delete your last name.

Making your profile image non-clickable. 

Not everyone wants the strangers to click their photos. But standard Facebook privacy settings don’t leave us any choice. Now, you can change them in 3 simple steps:
  • Go to your Albums, then click on Profile Pictures
  • Choose your profile picture
  • Restrict your privacy settings to Only Me.

Updating Facebook status using email

If you cannot access Facebook for some reasons, there’s still way to update your status there. 
  • Go to your account settings and click on Mobile tab from left sidebar
  • You will find a unique email address that can be used for updating the status. 
  • Send the mail to that address, typing the status you want to appear in you page in the Subject field. 

Accessing the Facebook chat on your Windows desktop. 

  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/about/messenger and install the Facebook chat for Windows.
  • Now, you can enjoy chatting direct from the desktop as well as check all the notification and your friends’ activities.

Sending friend requests when blocked

Facebook may block you, if you send a lot of requests to unknown people. Then, you won’t be able to send requests even to those you personally know. But luckily there’s a trick to let you to send requests even if you are block. 
  • Login to your account and get the email of someone you want to add as a friend
  • Click on https://www.facebook.com/?sk=ff and you’ll be able to add friends using email services
  • Login with any email service and then add all required contacts to Facebook.
  • You can create a notepad file with comma separated email contacts for adding several friends. Only save it as name.vcf
  • Now, upload that file using the previous window. Friend requests will be sent automatically to Facebook users who have these email addresses.

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